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Our thoughts on colour

Our homewares add colour and texture to a room that is blank


Our original paintings

Kathryn Croxson creates from the epicenter of colour using its uplifting powers to inspire positivity. The Australian-born artist’s love of vivid hues and intriguing prints was first ignited when she studied graphic design. This became the launch pad for entering into the world of architecture and fashion. Working across these two industries Kathryn learnt about the power of design to impact the emotions. Architecture taught her to focus on details as the backbone of great design. Whilst working for the fashion industry enabled her to gain a rich knowledge of both textiles and print techniques.

Her travels across Turkey, Argentina, Bolivia and Australia have also fuelled her love of colour and unique patterns.

Ultimately Kathryn creates from the subconscious intertwining dreamlike patterns with sensual fabrics to transform ordinary objects into the unique.